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Knife Sharpener

Knife Sharpener

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Give yourself the Edge

With Zeekka’s knife sharpener, your blades will cut through the most stubborn surfaces with ease. Simply run your knife’s edge through the sharpener a few times, and then get to cutting. It’s that simple, and it’s that effective.

How to Use the Sharpener

The Zeekka knife sharpener is both reliable and easy to use. In fact, getting a razor-sharp edge is as easy a 1-2-3!

  1. Ceramic: The ceramic stage helps restore damaged blades to their former glory, smoothing over imperfections and rounding out the surface.
  2. Coarse: The coarse stage is the main attraction. This slot sharpens your knife, turning old, dull blades into fine-chopping wonders. You won’t believe the results.
  3. Fine: This is the finale. Running your newly sharpened knife through the fine setting resurfaces any leftover jagged edges, bringing out the gloss of your blade’s metal with an attractive, polished finish.

Safety First

Unlike traditional knife sharpeners, this one won’t cause you to lose a finger. Complete with a safety glove, Zeekka protects your hands while sharpening your knife to perfection. Just firmly hold the handle of the sharpener and run your blade through each setting until the desired sharpness is achieved.


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  • Tamara D

    'Got a damascus steel knife for my dad, a butcher & knife expert, he was very pleased.'

  • Colin R

    'Knives exactly as advertised. Expeditious freight. The knives are all share as razors.'

  • Dan G

    'They are as sharp as shown in adds. Love them. Look great.'

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